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The book that started it all. In 2016 I began writing a book about pursuing mental stability, physical health, spiritual wellness, and financial security. This book is a collection of self experiences and lessons I've learned while pursuing these topics over the years. Chapter One: Mind, is about knowing yourself. Chapter Two: Body, is about taking care of yourself. Chapter Three: Soul, is about growing yourself. And Chapter Four: Money, is about balancing yourself. Each chapter has a series of questions along with a guide for how to find your answers to those questions and ultimately find Your Way to being healthy, and happy.

In 2018 I finished writing the questions then proceeded to answered them for myself. Each question is intentionally worded, and carefully organized in an order to learn more about placing yourself in the right position to receive what you want. My results were life changing, and I’ve been fine tuning the project ever since. Today I present it to you as a downloadable book. I’ve found My Way, now I’d like to help you find yours.

Your Way | A guide to being healthy and happy

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